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Bassist and Producer Eric Holden has been working with indie, major label, DIY and platinum artists for years. A short list of who he’s recorded with includes The BoDeans, David Foster, John Williams, Josie Cotton, Nina Hagen, The Weepies, Adrianne Gonzalez, JJ Lin, Kyler England, Five For Fighting, Right The Stars, Aleks Syntek, Jeff Chang, Eric Wainaina, Richard Marx & Josh Groban. Eric puts the same effort and care into indie projects and major label records alike and works hard to make your songs everything you want them to be. 


He has toured with Shakira, The BoDeans, Vertical Horizon, Josh Groban, Leehom Wang, Five For Fighting, Serina Ryder, The Weepies, The Bloody Lovelies & many others. He can be heard and seen on Josh Groban's "Live" & "Live at the Greek" DVDs, Shakira's "Live in Paris" DVD and Five For Fighting's "Live: Back Country" DVD as well as upcoming DVDs from Jeff Chang "Live In Beijing" and Leehom Wang's "Music Man II Live". 


Eric’s studio has top of the line Universal Audio Converters and top of the line chains that include Chandler Abbey Road and vintage Telefunken Mic Pres as well as a host of vintage and modern basses. They include a "57 Fender P Bass, a '65 P Bass, ‘66 P-bass, an original ‘74 Gibson Signature Les Paul bass (1 of approx. 750 ever made), a '64 Vox, a '62 Harmony, a '66 Hofner Beatle bass, a hand made Romanian Upright Bass, a '60's Silvertone 1427 (the Dan Auerbach guitar) and a '62 Harmony Rocket, a 1948 Gibson ES125 and a 1954 Gibson J45 among others.


You can write Eric directly from the "Contact" page with any questions you might have.  All remotely recorded bass tracks come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

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